COLONY: Results for Character Trivia

Thanks to everyone who played our COLONY character trivia game today.  We had a couple of fans who answered all five correctly. Congratulations to Nancy and Audrey on scoring 100%! Now on to the results . . .

**Spoiler Alert** If you have not seen all the shows or movies mentioned in this trivia game, we are about to mention plot details!

1) The actor who played the Spider played Stinky Pete in Breaking Bad.
Charles Baker played the role of Skinny Pete in the AMC series Breaking Bad.
2) Katie and Will both have Southern roots.
Sarah Wayne Callies reveals in her backstage tour of the YONK that both Will and Katie are from the South. Watch the video tour here.
3) Josh Holloway played law enforcement on LOST.
This one was a little tricky! Flashbacks revealed that Josh Holloway’s character was a con-artist.  But if you recall, LOST had both flashbacks and flashforwards, as well as a second parallel universe in season 6.  Sawyer WAS law enforcement in the parallel universe.
4) Peter Jacobson plays Proxy Snyder and he loves the New York Rangers.
Peter Jacobson is a Chicago Blackhawks fan and apparently Proxy Snyder is as well per Peter’s recent Tweet.

5) Carl Weathers was the Italian Stallion in Rocky.
Carl Weathers plays Beau in COLONY and he played Apollo Creed in Rocky, going head to head with the Italian Stallion played by Sylvester Stallone.

Thanks again for playing and be on the lookout for more trivia courtesy of Talk Colony!


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