COLONY: How is the Transitional Authority organized?

Hosts. Blocs. Colonies. Proxy Governor. Governor General.

How do all these positions stack up and relate to one another?  One of the most intriguing mysteries on COLONY continues to be the existence of the Hosts.  Who are they and who can communicate with them?  We seem to get another piece or two of the puzzle each week as to just how the Transitional Authority is organized.  Sometimes we make assumptions that turn out to be incorrect.  Imagine that! For example, Proxy Snyder is not quite as in charge as we thought he was in the pilot episode.

Carter and I (your friendly Talk Colony™ Podcast hosts)  have been trying to analyze the governmental structure on COLONY.  The organization chart below is our best guess at this point as to who reports to whom.  Might I emphasize the word “guess”.  We are fans like everyone else just trying to navigate all the fascinating mysteries unfolding on the series.  But hopefully, we will continue to get more information each week on COLONY that will help us determine if we are on the right track.

With that said, we will continue to document what we “think” are the key players in the Authority and how they report to one another.

For now, we are using the color red for those people we know only as collaborators.  Green will be used for suspected or confirmed double agents.  And our hero Will gets blue.

Be sure to let us know what you think and suggest changes.  I think it’s going to get more and more complex but it sure will be fun trying to figure it all out!



*App used is called Org Creator

2 thoughts on “COLONY: How is the Transitional Authority organized?

  1. Elle Hart says:

    This isn’t in-depth enough. For example, who are Helena’s equals at this point in time.

    Where are your updates to this hierarchy?


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