Talk Colony Podcast #36: Discuss Colony S3E3 ‘Sierra Maestra’

Talk Colony Podcast discusses Colony episode 3.03 ‘Sierra Maestra” and gives the Click a name.

We have a guest host this week. Mike Caputo from Pop Culture Review and So Many Shows joins Tracey to dissect Colony episode 3.03.

Episode 3.03 follows the stories of the Bowmans and Uncle Alan settling in at “Resistance Camp” as well as Broussard and Amy’s journey north.

Tracey and Mike talk about the game changers in the episode as well as new mysteries that are unveiled. We walk through the episode in recap fashion and then hit our usual segments.

  • Who “owned” the episode?
  • Biggest Reveal
  • Josh Holloway hair flip ratings

We add a new segment this week – “Best Line” of the episode. Surely, Snyder’s name comes up in this category!

Also, Mike is not a big fan calling the RAP a Click, so he decides to call it “Skippy” instead. It has a nice ring to it, don’t you think? Or, maybe I should say a nice high frequency shriek!

Be sure to check out our outgoing music from Moon on iTunes.  We treat you to a sample of their song “I Got A Fever” which was featured in Season 1 Episode 5 of Colony.

You can find them on iTunes at:  I Got a Fever – Single by MOON

Enjoy the show and thanks for listening!

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