‘THE WALKING DEAD’ 907 with Tameche and Tracey

The Walking Dead reunites some Alexandrians with Hilltop residents this week. The reunion is short-lived, however, as Eugene is in need of rescue. A search party heads out and we wait for the season 9 mid-season finale.

Tameche and Tracey pair up again this week to talk The Walking Dead. There’s a dog named “Dog”, a haircut, and a violin that falls victim to Michonne’s katana. Characters old and new join forces against the walkers (or sickos). Connie detects a mysterious presence in the woods. We learn that Tara is managing more at the Hilltop than elected leader Jesus. Rosita is rescued but Eugene remains at large among the whispering walkers.

There is a lot to digest. Let’s just hope it’s not walkers eating our favorite characters!

Find out what we liked and disliked this week and see if you agree. Tune in for our predictions and find out what questions linger most in our minds.

You can find your co-hosts on Twitter @TamecheTracey. Send us your feedback — we want to interact with you!

Click on the audio file and enjoy!

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