COLONY -- "Puzzle Man" Episode 302 -- Pictured: Tory Kittles as Broussard -- (Photo by: Daniel Power/USA Network)

Talk Colony Podcast #35: Discuss S3E2 with Buzz from the Bloc from Tory Kittles

Talk Colony Podcast dissects Colony episode 3.02 and gets some “Buzz from the Bloc” from Tory Kittles who plays Broussard.

It’s time to talk about season 3 episode 2 of Colony on the Talk Colony Podcast. Eric Broussard is literally trying to put the pieces back together after the Rendition of the Los Angeles Bloc. He makes some new friends along the way and uncovers some disturbing information.

Helena learns that the Factory is no more and Snyder plays uncle to the Bowman kids. The Bowmans take a cereal train ride to the Resistance camp.

Tracey and Jay comment on the storylines and raise some interesting questions. The co-hosts also tackle the usual podcast segments:

  • Who “owned” the episode?
  • Biggest Reveal
  • Josh Holloway hair flip ratings

And, finally, we get the “buzz” that Jay has been waiting for – great scoop straight from our hero, actor Tory Kittles.

Be sure to check out our outgoing music from Moon on iTunes.  We treat you to a sample of their song “I Got A Fever” which was featured in Season 1 Episode 5 of Colony.

You can find them on iTunes at:  I Got a Fever – Single by MOON

Enjoy the show and thanks for listening!


COLONY -- "Maquis" Episode 301 -- Pictured: (l-r) Sarah Wayne Callies as Katie Bowman, Josh Holloway as Will Bowman, Alex Neustaedter as Bram Bowman -- (Photo by: Daniel Power/USA Network)

Talk Colony Podcast #34: Discuss S3E1 ‘Maquis’

Tracey and Jay are back for the Talk Colony Podcast. Colony season 3 is off to an adventurous start!

Colony season 3 brings a new backdrop for the Bowman family. They have also gained new member of the household. Alan Snyder has remained with the Bowmans for six months now after helping them escape the Los Angeles Bloc at the end of season 2.

Tracey and Jay get right down to the business of evaluating the new living situation for the Bowman family. Both agree that life in the woods looks good on the Bowmans, but maybe not so much for Snyder.

The co-hosts compare their take on the “call” Snyder makes in the premiere episode of season 3. Is it a betrayal or an act of heroism? Or somewhere in between?

They also take a look at Bram’s solo decision to make contact with (hopefully) a Resistance member via radio.

The usual segments are covered:

  • Who “owned” the episode?
  • Biggest Reveal
  • Josh Holloway hair flip ratings

We learn that there is some great Buzz from the Bloc in store for the next episode of the podcast. Get ready!

Finally, be sure to check out our outgoing music from Moon on iTunes.  We treat you to a sample of their song “I Got A Fever” which was featured in Season 1 Episode 5 of Colony.

You can find them on iTunes at:  I Got a Fever – Single by MOON

Enjoy the show!

Pictured: "Colony" Key Art -- (Photo by: USA Network)

‘Colony’ Facebook Live with Josh Holloway and Sarah Wayne Callies

The Colony Facebook page will be hosting a Facebook live event on season 3 premiere day, May 2nd.

Join Sarah Wayne Callies and Josh Holloway for the live event at 9pm ET/6 pm PT. Sarah shared the announcement on her Facebook page with the hashtag #stayhuman. Those pesky RAPs (random alien people) always seem to be nipping at their heels!

What are your other plans for Colony season 3 premiere night? Let us know if you are planning a viewing party or special snacks for the big day. Maybe we should roast some marshmallows since it looks like the Bowmans are in the woods at the beginning of season 3!

For those in proximity to Los Angeles, hope you scored a seat at the Colony premiere viewing party at Legendary Television in Burbank. The invitation notes that RSVPs are now closed. We will be watching for photos!

It’s almost here! Colonists unite for an exciting start to season 3. And don’t miss the Facebook live with Sarah and Josh!

COLONY -- Season:2 -- Pictured: Alex Neustaedter as Bram Bowman -- (Photo by: Justin Stephens/USA Network)

‘Colony’ challenges us to help Bram

Colony has thrown down the gauntlet (see what I did there?). That’s right, challenges are in store for fans of Colony.

Check out this tweet from USA Network’s Colony account:

We need to keep our eyes peeled and ears open for challenges from Colony’s social media accounts on April 10th. Twitter has alerted all Colonists to assist Bram with “The Lost Transmissions”. (And believe me, it does not escape me that the word “Lost” is a part of this challenge coming from a show co-created by Carlton Cuse!)

The announcement is reminiscent of the games and tasks issued by Colony in season one. Who remembers Proxy Snyder’s broadcasts and building your dossier file?

Make sure you are following Colony on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter so you do not miss a single directive from the team.

Collaborators, Resistance, and everyone in between – join in for the fun!


COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL: SAN DIEGO -- "Colony Press Room" -- Pictured: (l-r) Wes Tooke, Tory Kittles, Sarah Wayne Callies, Ryan Condal, Peter Jacobson, and Josh Holloway -- (Photo by: Matt Winkelmeyer/USA Network)

Colony season 3 – Let’s do this!

It is almost time for Colony to return to USA Network for season 3.

Yes, it was tough waiting for a premiere date, especially after we had become accustomed to the season beginning in January. But it’s coming on May 2nd!

The footage from the trailer has me very intrigued about seeing the story play out, at least in part, outside the confines of a city. The Bowmans are in the woods! And if you watch closely, you will see Snyder with them donning his best lumberjack gear.

Will’s hair is shorter. Oh my gosh, how will we cope without the hair flips?  I’m just hoping he still needs to toss his bangs out of his eyes now and then. Snyder’s hair is a tad longer though and he’s sporting a beard.

Is it hard to see Snyder without the sleek suit and perfectly groomed hair? I kind of wonder if he keeps a table set up inside a tent with a chalice and full place setting even though they are “roughing it”! You can take the Snyder out of the city, but can you take the city out of Snyder? I have a feeling we will get some great “fish out of water” moments.

I would encourage you to take time to check out the videos of the Colony set visits that Amy Vorpahl makes on behalf of Hysterical! It doesn’t matter if you are #TeamSnyder or #TeamBroussard. Each have their moments to shine. (Okay, maybe Tory has an edge on Peter in the videos, wink wink!)

Here is Part 1. You can find more on the Nerdist website.

I never tire of the smack talk between Tory Kittles and Peter Jacobson. In fact, I’d like to think I have facilitated (or is it instigated?) that banter historically!

Speaking of #TeamSnyder and #TeamBroussard, be sure to check out Wendy’s shirt designs at You’ll never guess which one I chose! Okay, maybe you will. With all my fan love for Broussard, the show would never be complete without Snyder. I need my Snyder too!

And how about Wayne Brady joining the cast? Check out Melissa’s article on So Many Shows for highlights from Wayne and more.

Sarah Wayne Callies makes her directorial debut this season. And it looks like her character gets an up close look at a fallen alien aircraft.

Get ready for more Talk Colony Podcast! Jay and I will be back to break down each episode and bring you lots of fun coverage for Colony! Be sure to let us know what you are most excited about for the new season!

And, remember RAPs are (random alien) people, too! I look forward to enjoying the new season with you all!


Update: Talk Colony ready for season 3, TNTtalk has a new home

We want to make sure you know that the TNTtalk Podcast has moved to the So Many Shows podcast. Talk Colony was happy to provide an interim home for TNTtalk, but they are excited to have a permanent home with So Many Shows.

You can find their latest episodes on the website or on iTunes. So Many Shows offers podcast content for a wide variety of different shows. So TNTtalk’s discussions and interviews related to The Walking Dead and Fear The Walking Dead fit perfectly at So Many Shows!

Talk Colony continues to bring you the Talk Colony Podcast with Tracey and Jay.

Be sure to catch up on previous episodes of the Talk Colony Podcast including interviews with Tory Kittles, Jacob Buster, Ally Walker, Isabella Crovetti, and Alex Neustaedter. And don’t forget the Talk Colony Awards!

Simply link to the Podcast menu above or subscribe on iTunes.

Stay tuned and join us as we gear up with excitement about Colony season 3!

Madison Clark (Kim Dickens) and Qaletaqa Walker (Michael Greyeyes) in Episode 10 Fear The Walking Dead Photo credit: Richard Foreman Jr./AMC

TNTtalk Podcast #13: Discuss Fear The Walking Dead mid-season premiere

TNTtalk Podcast is back with a lively discussion of the Fear The Walking Dead season 3 midseason premiere!

The second half of Fear The Walking Dead season 3 began with 2 hours of apocalyptic adventure in the form of two different one hour episodes titled ‘Minotaur’ and ‘The Diviner’.

Tracey and Tameche (TNT) challenge one another to 3 different questions about the episodes and share their “most explosive moment”. And finally, the hosts rate the midseason opener on a scale of 1 to 5 sticks of dynamite.

While Tracey and Tameche do not often agree on their questions they most certainly appreciate one another’s energetic commentary! Listen in and find out what they have to say.

And while you are at it, be sure to follow TNTtalk Podcast’s new media partner, So Many Shows, where you will find the podcast posted regularly. Be sure to follow So Many Shows on Facebook and Twitter. If you follow AND leave a comment about #TNTtalk you will be entered in our fan art giveaway!