COLONY -- "Bonzo" Episode 312 -- Pictured: (l-r) Will Brittain as Dave O'Neill, Tory Kittles as Broussard -- (Photo by: Daniel Power/USA Network)

We are talking Colony episode 3.12 titled ‘Bonzo’. Jay is back to help Tracey break down an action packed installment of the series.

We talk about Kynes communicating with one of the hosts’ enemy aliens whom Kynes refers to as “her”. It is a mysterious encounter that leaves Kynes a little winded with a message scribbled on his arm.
Jay and Tracey talk about Katie being sidelined from the Resistance action while Amy gets called up for her medical skill set. Jay breaks down the rescue mission to get Kynes out of the Bonzo black site. There are close calls, casualties, and a very narrow escape for an injured Everett Kynes.
The episode leaves us with the Bowman family separated. Will is operating dangerously solo. Katie is alone at home, but she does not even know it. Bram and Gracie take refuge at Meadow’s house.
Join us as we navigate our regular segments:

  • Who “owned” the episode?
  • Biggest Reveal
  • Josh Holloway hair flip ratings

Be sure to check out our outgoing music from Moon on iTunes.  We treat you to a sample of their song “I Got A Fever” which was featured in Season 1 Episode 5 of Colony.
You can find them on iTunes at:  I Got a Fever – Single by MOON
Enjoy the show and thanks for listening!