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Talk Colony Podcast #14: Talking COLONY 2.03 "Sublimation"

Talk Colony Podcast #14 covers Colony episode 2.03 “Sublimation”.
In this week’s podcast we coin a new phrase over the loss of an amazing character and get some awesome Buzz From The Bloc™ from Kathleen Rose Perkins who plays Jennifer McMahon.
Listen in to learn how Tracey, Jay, and Carter voted for:

  • Biggest Reveal
  • Who “Owned” the Episode

Find out who gets honored in this week’s Hair Flip rankings!
Thanks for listening!


Talk Colony Podcast #13: Talking COLONY S2E2 'Somewhere Out There'

Talk Colony Podcast #13 breaks down Colony S2E2 ‘Somewhere Out There’. And Carolyn Michelle Smith who plays Devon Howard provided some very insightful Buzz From The Bloc™.

Tracey, Jay, and Carter take a crack at unraveling all the amazing content in the second episode of Colony season 2. Get 3 different opinions for:

  • What was the biggest reveal in the episode?
  • Who “owned” the episode?
  • How many Josh Holloway hair flips did the episode earn?

Hear what other fans had to say and what burning questions are out there.
And listen to the outstanding Carolyn Michelle Smith talk about her character Devon as well as herself when she answers our questions for Buzz From The Bloc™.


COLONY: Josh Holloway is a guest on HARRY 1/16

Tune in or set Harry Connick Jr.’s new talk show HARRY to record today 1/16!

Our Colony leading man, Josh Holloway, will be a guest on Harry’a show this afternoon at 2:00 pm EST on FOX. Check your local listings to get the specifics for your area.
We cannot wait to see what Josh has to say about his heroic character Will Bowman and what’s in store for Colony season 2!

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Talk Colony Podcast #12: S2E1 'Eleven.Thirteen'

Talk Colony Podcast breaks down the Colony season 2 premiere and brings you some fun and insightful Buzz From The Bloc™ with the fabulous Tory Kittles who plays key Resistance member Eric Broussard.

Tune in for in-depth discussion and theories about the Colony season 2 premiere. Don’t miss out on favorite segments:

  • Who “Owned” the Episode?
  • Biggest Reveal
  • Burning Questions
  • Josh Holloway Hair Flip ratings
  • And, of course, Buzz From The Bloc™ (this week with Tory Kittles!)

Also, listen in to learn how to find the clue from @ProxySnyder for his autographed poster giveaway!!

Talk Colony Trivia: Test your memory of Colony episode 2.01

An all new trivia quiz is available on our Talk Colony Trivia site on
Here is the link for the trivia quiz for the Colony season 2 premiere episode.

Click here for the Colony 2.01 Talk Colony Trivia quiz

Go test your knowledge of the episode and report back to let us know which of these was your result:

  • 0 – 3 correct: Do you know what channel Colony is on?
  • 4 – 7 correct: Re-watch the episode and try again.
  • 8-11 correct: You collected some good intel.
  • 12- 15 correct: You are a highly skilled operative.
  • PROXY giveaway clue: “she stays”

Now go show us what you’ve got!!

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COLONY: Recap of S2 premiere, need your input for Talk Colony Podcast

Fellow Colonists!
What a premiere night! Colony dropped us full throttle into the day of The Arrival.  Flashing back to our main characters on that day was quite revealing.  We gleaned new information and learned that everything was not quite what we had originally been “told”.
We will be breaking down the episode in full Talk Colony fashion on the Talk Colony Podcast this weekend.  We will revisit our regular segments such as:

  • Who “owned” the episode?
  • What was the biggest reveal?
  • What’s the #BuzzFromTheBloc ?
  • And, of course, we will calculate the number of Josh Holloway Hair Flips that the episode earned!

Let us know what burning questions/topics you would like us to discuss on the podcast. We want your feedback!
And, meanwhile, check out our Colony S2 recap on Fan Fest News where we will be publishing most of our written content.

RECAP of COLONY episode 2.01 “Eleven.Thirteen”

“Talk” to you again soon!!

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Talk Colony Podcast #11: Getting ready for Season 2

The latest episode of Talk Colony Podcast is here! Join my c0-host Jay (also known as Twitter Proxy Snyder!) and me for a pre-season discussion of COLONY season 2.
Season 2 premieres on Thursday, January 12th on USA Network.
This episode includes:

  • News about COLONY’s Facebook LIVE party
  • Introduction of new characters
  • Burning questions from Season 1
  • Impressions of sneak peaks and trailers for Season 2
  • Buzz From The Bloc with Peter Jacobson who plays Snyder on COLONY

Hope you enjoy and subscribe on iTunes!

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COLONY: Talk Colony Podcast preps for S2

Talk Colony Podcast is recording a pre-season episode to get ready for Colony S2, which premieres on 1/12.
Keep your eyes peeled and ears ready for our first installment of 2017 complete with:

  • Colony news
  • Burning Questions
  • Buzz From The Bloc
  • and more!!

Tweet @TalkColonyTV or comment to let us know if you have a burning question we should discuss!

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