Boy does COLONY keep us on our toes! Just when we think we start to have some pieces figured out, things take a different turn. Let us take a look at some of the new developments revealed this week.
Helena’s boss is not THE boss. Helena, Chief of Staff for the Governor General, makes a surprise visit to Proxy Snyder’s office and shares that the “Chief Minister of the Pacific Coast” is coming for a visit.
This is an entirely new level of authority in the Transitional Government.
While this may be one step closer to our hosts, it begs the question — just how many layers are there in the Transitional Authority? The complexity of the organization is broadening the scope of the story and making it all the more intriguing!
Will is not ALWAYS the nice guy.
Okay, truth be told, I really do believe he is a nice guy. But that does not get in the way of him protecting that which he holds most dear, his family. It was quite jarring to see him swiftly take Quayle out of the equation, a brutal decision he made personally, not just in the line of duty.
Beau has an allegiance after all.
As I mentioned in a Tweet this week, we have come to know Beau as the definition of chill – Hawaiian shirts, always taking time for tacos, finding ways to slow down investigations. He has been the Switzerland of Homeland, keeping his job while not really getting that involved.
He takes an about face this week, pledging his loyalty to and alignment with Will. This bromance just went to the next level. The Bowmans have a friend in Beau.
Proxy Snyder governs to the beat of his own drum.
The way the Transitional Authority rhetoric rolls off his tongue, you would think Snyder has been using some sort of regulation scripts handed down from our hosts. Well it turns out, much of that rhetoric may be his own. Helena shares that the other Proxy Governors do not rule the same way, that they elicit even more fear from their constituents.
Is Snyder the nice guy in this game?? I certainly cannot get past his execution of Luis, but are his counterparts in the Authority even more ruthless? Scary thought.
The factory is not necessarily a dead end.
We get a glimpse of Carlos spending his days laboring in the Factory. Our comrades in The Flats seem to think the Factory is a death sentence (and it may very well be if you get a cough!)
The families of those taken to the Factory believe their loved ones have as much as disappeared off the face of the Earth. But this appears only to be half true. They haven’t actually disappeared, but they most certainly are no longer on Earth. They are on the Moon!
The occupation is an ugly, brutal world.
I think we have all known this from the beginning. But the Bowmans’ lifestyle has been a little easier on the eyes since Will “accepted” the position with Homeland Security. A fancy car, visits to he park, laughter at The Yonk. All this in contrast to Rachel and her sons’ fate – a shocking reminder that there is nothing romantic about the occupation or trying to resist its authority. No one is truly safe.
Be sure to tune in next week, Thursday March 10, for an all new episode of COLONY, the last episode before the Season 1 finale. Hopefully, we will get some more answers, but no doubt we will come away with more questions!