We are so excited to be back for another episode of the Talk Colony Podcast, especially since we get to bring you a fun-filled, insightful interview with Jamison Haase.
Jamison played Sgt. Holman in the very pivotal scene in the finale of Colony season 2. Holman makes the brave decision to allow the Bowman family and Alan Snyder to leave the Los Angeles Bloc. Of course, then we encounter Snyder pressing that pesky button! But I digress!
Sit back, tune in, and enjoy a truly delightful conversation with Jamison Haase. And don’t miss our special fan guest that pops up to talk to Jamison.
Finally, be sure to check out our outgoing music from Moon on iTunes.  We treat you to a sample of their song “I Got A Fever” which was featured in Season 1 Episode 5 of Colony.
You can find them on iTunes at:  I Got a Fever – Single by MOON https://itun.es/us/YgQzab
Enjoy the show!