Tracey and Jay meet the man behind those cool shades, the amazing actor who brings Colony fan favorite Eric Broussard to life — Tory Kittles!
Tory shares several insights about Broussard and the grave world of occupied Los Angeles.

  • What is Broussard’s end game?
  • Do the Bowmans feel like family to Broussard?
  • What does Broussard really know about Alan Snyder?

Tory also plays the “Will or Katie” game choosing one of the two popular characters for a “host” crazy hypothetical scenarios penned by Jay. And much like Broussard himself, Tory is not afraid to sometimes make his own rules for the game!
We learn that Tory is excited about the #RenewColonyNow campaign and encourages fans to sign the petition!
Finally, be sure to check out our outgoing music from Moon on iTunes.  We treat you to a sample of their song “I Got A Fever” which was featured in Season 1 Episode 5 of Colony.
You can find them on iTunes at:  I Got a Fever – Single by MOON