If you have not yet visited the ColonyTV.com website, you are missing out on some awesome interactive features.  The site takes you inside the Los Angeles bloc and allows you to set up your own security profile.  But do not stop there.
There’s much more!  You will have the opportunity to choose your side as a Collaborator or member of the Resistance movement.  Changing loyalties makes you a double agent.  Switching allegiances also allows you to unlock classified intel from both sides.  Earn achievements by completing missions and other interactions with the site.
One of the most insightful features is the map of locations throughout the bloc.  You can explore areas in the Green Zone as well as the Flats and learn about characters in those areas.  Not all locations on the map are available yet depending on which episodes have aired.  So check back regularly for new locations and available features. And if you are leaning toward the Resistance, be sure to keep your eyes and ears peeled for secret Geronimo broadcasts!
All the intel you unlock is stored in your personal Dossier for reference. And, of course, you earn increasing rank as you progress through the site as well.  Be on the lookout for contests you can enter and new videos about your favorite new show, COLONY.
Check out a few snapshots from the website below and then log in for your own experience!