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COLONY: Geography lesson with Ryan Condal

Here at Talk Colony™ we are all about asking questions and trying to understand the COLONY universe as fully as possible.  So, we are thrilled that COLONY co-creator Ryan Condal took to Twitter this week to clear up some questions about the geography of the show’s colonized world. In fact, we had posed some of these questions on our Talk Colony™ podcast recently!
Here’s what Ryan had to share with fans:

Thank you so much, Ryan, for all that clarification! It is very helpful information.  And I think we are ready for that quiz!

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COLONY: What is inside the book Lindsey shares with Gracie?

In an effort to be an eagle-eyed viewer, I was able to track down the content we see as tutor Lindsey opens the book she shares with Gracie in COLONY episode 7 ‘Broussard’. I first took a screen shot of the scene where Lindsey opens the book and magnified my photo. I was able to make out the text “Welcome to Generations of Grace”. Upon searching the web, I found these sample pages for a children’s Sunday School curriculum called Generations of Grace (GOG) that match the screenshot.
These pages come from a curriculum created and used by a Christian church in California about the Bible. So, I don’t think we are going to get any intel here on the fictional “church” group we saw in COLONY this week. I suspect that these pages with cartoon drawings were simply enclosed in a faux cover for production purposes in an effort to indicate that Lindsey was showing Gracie a children’s version of her own fictional book.
But with Carlton Cuse at the helm, I will continue to look for hidden messages on screen as we so frequently became accustomed to in LOST. And sure enough, there are plenty of coincidences in many of the books, names, etc. that we see in COLONY.
For instance, Katie refers to herself as “Amelia Gould” when leaving a message for Broussard using the pay phone. This happens to be the name of a female character in Joseph Conrad’s novel, Nostromo, the book being used for deciphering Resistance messages. Do a little research on the characters in the book and I think you’ll find this coincidence interesting.
Meanwhile, I suspect many fans noticed that the cover of the book Lindsey shows to Gracie shows an image strikingly similar to the “light show” we see from the balcony of Proxy Snyder’s home in the Pilot episode. Superimposed on top of this image is the logo from the pin that Lindsey wears. What do you think these images represent? I suspect more will be revealed soon!
Keep your eyes peeled!

Talk Colony™ Podcast #6: Review and discuss COLONY S1E6 'Yoknapatawpha'

Welcome to Talk Colony™ Podcast #6.  During this episode we review and discuss the sixth episode of COLONY season 1 called ‘Yoknapatawpha’.  Visit us on iTunes or SoundCloud.  We also welcome you to leave a review of the podcast on iTunes.
Carter was pretty tired this week, so brace yourself for a whole lot of Tracey!

  • Find out how many Josh Holloway hair flips the episode earned from us and listeners.
  • What was the Biggest Reveal?
  • Who “owned” this episode?
  • Learn about different COLONY news from this past week.
  • Listen as we discuss the characters and evaluate the structure of the Transitional Authority, plus much more.
  • Enjoy Buzz from the Bloc™ from Felix Solis who played Geronimo Broadcaster Luis Ortega. You can learn more about Felix’s inspirational production company Subway Token Films at You can also visit them on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

As always, thanks for listening and enjoy the show!!

Talk Colony Podcast #5: Review and discuss COLONY episode 5 'Geronimo'

The latest installment of the Talk Colony™ Podcast is now available!
We hope you will enjoy our discussion and review of COLONY episode 5 ‘Geronimo’.
This week’s broadcast includes:

Talk Colony Podcast #4: Review and discuss COLONY ep. 4 ‘Blind Spot’

Talk Colony Podcast #4 includes discussion and review of COLONY episode 4 ‘Blind Spot’.
“Buzz from the Bloc” comes from Doris Morgado who beautifully plays Lucia, wife to Carlos and mother to Mateo.
Listen in to find out how many Josh Holloway hair flips the episode earned, biggest reveal, and more!
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COLONY: Dear Phyllis

*This post discusses plot lines through the most current episode. This is your friendly warning.
Phyllis. What can we say about Phyllis? We only knew her briefly and never even learned her last name. She was taken too quickly when Broussard was appeared in a ‘Blind Spot’. Yet in that time, she made a huge impact on the series COLONY and its fans.
She was oh so smart and cunning. Just look how she “played” Katie at the Homeland offices. She said just enough to make Katie nervous and unsettled before eventually quietly confronting her at The Yonk. And she used Bram’s tapes to make Will nervous, not an overt threat, but enough to give her the upper hand.
She was compassionate but had the courage to look at the greater good. She suggested that the Resistance could be reckless and do more harm than good. She made tough choices that definitely were not popular.

COLONY -- "Blindspot" Episode 104 -- Pictured: (l-r) Paul Guilfoyle as Quayle, Sarah Wayne Callies as Katie Bowman -- (Photo by: Danny Feld/USA Network)

COLONY — “Blindspot” Episode 104 — Pictured: (l-r) Paul Guilfoyle as Quayle, Sarah Wayne Callies as Katie Bowman — (Photo by: Danny Feld/USA Network)

She was a smooth talker. And I literally mean a soft, smooth orator. I do not believe we ever heard her raise her voice during her arc. Her tone may have become firmer at times, but she never yelled. This keeps people on their toes. It is usually the calmer party in an argument that wins. You cannot argue with someone who does not argue back.
She was committed and motivated. We can see that she took her job very seriously. And now we know why. Her dearly beloved was obviously very ill, possibly from a stroke or ALS, and in need of ongoing care. She refused to let him down.
Think of all the characters in COLONY and what motivates them. I believe these different motivations drive the story to impressive heights and engage viewers all the more.
I hope the storyline continues to address the personal side of each character’s actions and gives us rich back stories to understand their motivations. What better than an intelligent story with heart??
Here’s to Phyllis! Thank you, Kathy Baker, for your insightful portrayal of Phyllis. We are grateful that you deepened the story for us. We are sad to see you go.
But cheers to COLONY for making such wise casting decisions and here’s to Season 1 and now Season 2 as well!
Please be sure to share your thoughts about Phyllis in the comments section.

COLONY: New web content for the series

Many new questions were raised after the second episode of COLONY aired last night, January 21st. The stakes became higher and the cast grew larger. You may be scratching your head wondering about some of the things that transpired in the episode.
Surely a lot of those puzzlers are part of the ongoing mystery of the occupation. But did you know that the USA Network website for the series gives you an episode guide after each installment? This guide helps you review the episode to be sure you did not miss any new intel!
The guide for episode 2 can be found here: S1E2 Guide for “A Brave New World”.
Watch for new photo galleries, videos, and posts each week as well!
And if you want to immerse yourself in a role playing scenario of COLONY, you will find new content on the interactive now that episode 2 has aired.

Photo Credit: NBC Universal/USA Network, COLONY

Photo Credit: NBC Universal/USA Network, COLONY

Look for:

  • the next mission
  • new locations on the Los Angeles bloc map
  • additional intel and luxury items
  • encrypted radio broadcasts from “Geronimo”

As you explore the site, perform missions, and gather information, you can earn achievements toward increasing your rank in Security. I am SO close to rank 3 and anxious to see what my new “job” will be.
You also unlock exclusive content for completing missions, helping you get even more scoop from the show. And while you are online, you can enter for each new weekly sweepstakes.
So go ahead and read, watch, and play along with COLONY!

A quick note about the Talk Colony podcast

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