Many new questions were raised after the second episode of COLONY aired last night, January 21st. The stakes became higher and the cast grew larger. You may be scratching your head wondering about some of the things that transpired in the episode.
Surely a lot of those puzzlers are part of the ongoing mystery of the occupation. But did you know that the USA Network website for the series gives you an episode guide after each installment? This guide helps you review the episode to be sure you did not miss any new intel!
The guide for episode 2 can be found here: S1E2 Guide for “A Brave New World”.
Watch for new photo galleries, videos, and posts each week as well!
And if you want to immerse yourself in a role playing scenario of COLONY, you will find new content on the interactive now that episode 2 has aired.

Photo Credit: NBC Universal/USA Network, COLONY
Photo Credit: NBC Universal/USA Network, COLONY

Look for:

  • the next mission
  • new locations on the Los Angeles bloc map
  • additional intel and luxury items
  • encrypted radio broadcasts from “Geronimo”

As you explore the site, perform missions, and gather information, you can earn achievements toward increasing your rank in Security. I am SO close to rank 3 and anxious to see what my new “job” will be.
You also unlock exclusive content for completing missions, helping you get even more scoop from the show. And while you are online, you can enter for each new weekly sweepstakes.
So go ahead and read, watch, and play along with COLONY!