Welcome to Talk Colony™ Podcast #6.  During this episode we review and discuss the sixth episode of COLONY season 1 called ‘Yoknapatawpha’.  Visit us on iTunes or SoundCloud.  We also welcome you to leave a review of the podcast on iTunes.
Carter was pretty tired this week, so brace yourself for a whole lot of Tracey!

  • Find out how many Josh Holloway hair flips the episode earned from us and listeners.
  • What was the Biggest Reveal?
  • Who “owned” this episode?
  • Learn about different COLONY news from this past week.
  • Listen as we discuss the characters and evaluate the structure of the Transitional Authority, plus much more.
  • Enjoy Buzz from the Bloc™ from Felix Solis who played Geronimo Broadcaster Luis Ortega. You can learn more about Felix’s inspirational production company Subway Token Films at subwaytokenfilms.com. You can also visit them on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.

As always, thanks for listening and enjoy the show!!